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Special Guests

Special Guests for Animarathon XVIII have yet to be announced, until then, take a look at last year's guests!

Vocaloid IA

IA is a virtual artist who has a voice with the VOCALOID 3 library (IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES and IA ROCKS) and with the CeVIO library (IA English). Since she was born as a virtual artist in 2012, she has been collaborating with various artists such as TeddyLoid and Jin on projects such as the Kagerou Project. Her first live concert in North America was in July 2015, at the Los Angeles Anime Expo, in front of a sold-out crowd of two thousand. Since then it's been nothing but great news from this vocaloid with a world tour in cities such as New York; London; Shanghai; Hong Kong; Mexico City; San Jose, Costa Rica; Melbourne; Montreal; Santiago, Chile; and Madrid.

Please come support IA's Animarathon debut.
This year we will be showing a film concert, and afterwards there will be a special IA merchandise raffle for the first 40 people to fill out this survey!

Hard Decora -- Kamillah Jones

Hard Decora
"Hard Decora is an apparel and illustration brand that promotes aggressive individuality. Kamilah Jones started Hard Decora in 2014 after being inspired by a single photo on Tumblr of a fairy kei girl carrying a pastel gun. What if there was Harajuku fashion girl gang that could stand up for themselves? and that's not so far out of the realm of reality because when we wear these bold clothes we are challenging the status quo by just existing. However, a lot of us keep our greatest expression to ourselves. That's why Hard Decora creates work that does the defending for you."
Kamilah Jones will be bringing their brand to Animarathon as well as hosting j-fashion related panels throughout the weekend! Kamilah will also be one of our special guests for the Lolita Tea Party.



"Puvithel is a alternative fashion designer who has been making and designing original handmade jewelry, accessories, clothing and handbags for J-fashion and alternative styles since. While currently based in Pittsburgh, Puvithel started in Atlanta back in 2015! Puvithel is about unabashed, self-expression and spans many styles, including punk, goth, lolita, and menhera. However regardless of style, Puvithel's items are loud,inspired by the in-your-face aesthetic of American goth fashion. Expression in the form of fashion can help people, and Puvithel tries to express that idea in each item. Every series has its own style and narrative to aid you in telling your own story."

Puvithel will be bringing their brand to Animarathon as well as hosting j-fashion related panels throughout the weekend- including a DIY Floral Headband workshop! She will also be one of our special guests for the Lolita Tea Party.

Jeannie Tirado

Jeannie Tirado

"Jeannie Tirado is an actor and musician, known for voicing Android 21 in Dragon Ball FighterZ, the newest Nexus hero Orphea in Heroes of the Storm, Saiko Intelli in My Hero Academia, Fana in Black Clover, Koala in One Piece, Baby Pan in Dragon Ball Super, Zera in Fairy Tail, Leila in Code Geass, Kanae in Tokyo Ghoul, Akira in Star Blazers, and Sol in Smite amongst many more titles! Raised in Orlando, Florida and classically trained in piano and voice, Jeannie got her start in the studio recording album vocals for artists— which turned into commercial voice-over— which turned into anime and video game craziness! She is now represented in Dallas and LA where she resides, and can currently be heard in national tv and radio commercials, on Disney XD, and even in the air as the pilots assist voice for a private British air charter!"

Jeannie will be doing panels and autographs all weekend long at Animarathon this year, make sure to come out and see her!

Jennifer Cihi

Jennifer Cihi

Jennifer Cihi is an talented singer and actress who performed on Broadway and television, sang commercial jingles, and provided several songs for animated series and films. She is best known for being the original English dub singer of Sailor Moon. Along with that she is also known for starring in Nickelodeon's Roundhouse and performing in the Broadway National Tour of Annie.
Jennifer will be holding a panel as well as a very special concert featuring her works from Sailor Moon! Make sure to come see her this Animarathon!

Stefanie DeLeo


Stefanie DeLeo is an author and playwright known for her published play on autism, Worth a Thousand Words published in 2010. She has also published in the newest Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and the Unexplainable edition and has published several other books.
Stefanie will be at Animarathon doing panels throughout the weekend, make sure to go to them!

Nicole Vaia

Nicole Vaia is the cosplayer behind "Vista Vaia" which is based out of Bowling Green, Ohio.
She has been featured on multiple cosplay blogs and has won multiple cosplay competitions.
When she's not cosplaying, she is a professional princess performer throughout northwest and northeast
Ohio. Nicole's main goal is to inspire, create, and fall deeper into the wonderful world known as the
cosplay community.

Caroline Krunchy

Caroline is a graphic designer and wedding photographer from central Ohio. She's been in the convention
circuit for a decade, and making her own costumes for the last seven years. In college, while attending
as a full-time student and varsity swimmer, she also found the time to open up her own business in
cosplay and prop commissions. The convention scene was where she found a place to hone her talents and
passion that now makes her the person she is today. In addition to attending conventions, she also helps
staff many others in the mid-west, including the cosplay department at Matsuricon, the photosuite at
Otakon, and many others. She not only believes in Cosplay is Not Consent and Cosplay Equality, but also
Create Don't Compete. Cosplay was where she found her confidence, creative outlet, and loving friends and
she hopes the community will be a safe haven for all other cosplayers.

Ghost In Blue

Ghost In Blue
Ghost in Blue is a J-Rock cover band based in Kent, OH. Making their third year at Animarathon, they’ll
be delivering a performance for you consisting of some of your favorite anime and video game songs!
Featuring music from Seven Deadly Sins, Death Note, Naruto, and more!

They’re eager to leave you saying “Hey, wow. That was a fun time!"

Check up on this page to be updated on the special guests that will be featured at Animarathon XVII! Each year Animarathon invites special guests to Bowling Green Ohio to interact with fans and speak about their work. Previous Animarathon Special Guests have included Voice Actors and Actresses, Artists, Writers, Online Personas, and more!