Dates for Animarathon: April 2nd-3rd 2022, doors open at 8 am, dealers hall opens at 12 pm for regular badge holders!

Animarathon Updates

Bowling Green State University has allowed Animarathon 2022 to continue as planned.

Please note:This decision can be changed at any point due to the unknown nature of the COVID-19 situation.

Convention on Saturday!

Animarathon is coming soon! That being the case all pre-reg is now closed. Hope to see you there!

Volunteer at animarathon!

Head over to our Facebook page see how you can help animarathon and earn free admission!


Head over to our special guests page to check them out!


Cosplay competition signups are now open and VIP pre registration is now closed (regular will be up until the week before the convention).


Pre Registration has now opened and can be found on this page at the top next to all of our page links! Regular Pre reg is $10(early badge pickup) and VIP pre reg is $25. VIP pre reg has special perks such as early dealers room access, a T-shirt, and some raffle tickets as well as early badge pick up!

Panel Forms Open!

Our Panel submission forms are now open and will be open until mid December! On top of that, vendor and artist forms have been open for a few weeks now and will be open until mid November. We are also currently working on getting Pre-Registration up and running as well as currently getting our special-guests confirmed. We'll update you all as more things are confirmed!

Another Update!

As some of you may know, in 2020 we planned on hosting Animarathon as we do every year. Of course, that never happened due to the appearance of COVID-19, however, we were told this after taking in applications for artists, vendors, and panelists. That being the case we are now opening applications for artists and vendors with the stipulation that those who were accepted for 2020 will be the first to get a spot. Panelist applications will open in the coming weeks as well ,but since panels change from year to year we are giving everyone a shot again.

If you have any questions, please email us at!