Animarathon 2020

Time and Date
March 28th: 9AM→Midnight
March 29th: 9AM→5PM

Bowen Thompson Student Union
Bowling Green, Ohio

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$10 At door

General Admission at the door gets you a badge good for all of Animarathon!

$10 Standard Pre-Reg

General Admission at the same price, with a guarenteed badge!

$25 Premium Pre-Reg

Also get a T-shirt, raffle tickets, and access to the dealer's room 1 hour before opening!

Additional information

Animarathon does not offer refunds or single day admission.

Contact us

You can also contact us on our email:

Applications and Pages

About us

What is ANO?

ANO, short for Anime In Northwest Ohio is the official Anime student organization of Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green Ohio just outside of Toledo Ohio.

ANO membership is free and open to anyone, and ANO meetings are a great way to unwind after a long week of classes.

Each meeting includes Anime discussion, merryment, and special activities

ANO membership is also one of the ultimate ways to learn about and get involved in planning our annual anime convention, Animarathon.


Regular meetings are held every Friday from 7:00PM to 11:00PM in the Bowen Thompson Student Union located on the main BGSU campus unless otherwise stated on our discord/email list. Each meeting is packed with a screening of five to six anime episodes, and various activities afterwords ranging from fanfiction contests to playing obscure video games.

Every night is a different genre, so every week's meeting is different!

ANO Mascots

(Far left) Floopsie the Alpacca, (Middle left) Ann, (Middle right) Orion, (Far right) Haruki the cat

made by @SUPERREFLEX_art on twitter!


Site now has pages for cosplay, rules, and special guests

February 23rd, 2020

Special guests now have their own page and pictures for them. Rules have been brought over from old site. Cosplay now has decent looking page. Site has had additions here and there to streamline it.

Special guests are temporarily unavailable on the website and have been moved to their own page!

February 21st, 2020

Special geusts are getting their own page and that page is currently under construction, keep a look out for updates in the coming days!

Guest Announcements have started over on our Facebook and here!

February 17th, 2020

The first Guest Announcement for Animarathon is Dirk Manning!

The second guest announcement for Animarathon is Ghost In Blue!

Our first cosplay guest announcement for Animarathon 2020 is Vista Vaia (Nicole Vaia)!

after that is Ota-q Apparel!

Our DJ this year and special guest Kohei Hattori!

Second cosplay guest is FoxyJoy!


The Animarathon site has had a makover and new banner art!

Special Guests and Pre-Reg

October 23rd, 2019

Special Guests will be announced sequentially soon and we have updated pre registration to allow those of you who wanted a regular (non VIP) pre registration the opertunity to do so! Pre registration should start in the coming weeks