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What is Animarathon?


Where: Bowen Thompson Student Union, Bowling Green Ohio.

What: Animarathon is a family friendly celebration of Anime, Japanese Media and Nerd Culture at Bowling Green State University, just south of Toledo Ohio.

Events: Animarathon features panels, cosplay contests, an artist's alley, anime screenings, special guests, tabletop and video games, a rave, and much more.

We look forward to seeing you at Animarathon!

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  • $10 for general admission at the door
  • $20 for pre registration which guarantees your badge, an Animarathon t-shirt, raffle tickets, and access to the Dealer's Room an hour before it opens.


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Animarathon News

Kawaii Kafe Forms Are Now Available!

The Kawaii Kafe Application Forms are now available under the "Open Forms" section. They will be available until September 31st!

All Forms Have Been Opened!

All forms for Animarathon have been opened! Check the "Open Forms" section above to find the form you need for Animarathon XVII!

Animarathon XVII Dates Announced!

The dates for Animarathon XVII are confirmed for March 30th-March 31st, 2019. Mark your calendars now!