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Cosplay Competition

The Cosplay Competition is your opportunity to show off your cosplay chops by preforming showing off your cosplay handiwork!

In the cosplay competition simply create a cosplay and rock it. Contestants handiwork and style is what matters here.

Cosplay Skits

Cosplay skits, take the cosplay competition a step further.

Not only do contestents wear a cosplay, they also act the character and impress the audience through drama, dancing, and other acts!

What are the Cosplay Categories?

Ranked Categories

  1. Novice
    • For competitors who have been in less then three competitions and have not won.
    • Beginners who are using original cosplays should apply here.
  2. Journeyman
    • For competitors who have attended three to four competitions.
    • For competitors who won one competition without having attended at least three competitions.
  3. Expert
    • For competitors who have participated in five or more competitions.
    • For competitors who have won at least two competitions.

Specialty Categories

  • Pop Culture
    • This category is for entrants cosplaying as a non-Japanese Media character.
    • Japanese Media includes Anime, Manga, and any media produced by a Japanese artist or studio.
  • Found-Item
    • For cosplays consisting of less then 60% original material.
    • This category excludes commissioned and pre-bought cosplay sets.
  • Original Character
    • This category is for entrants using their own characters.
    • Please do not steal other peoples Original Characters.
  • Best Junior
    • This category is for competitors aged eleven to fourteen.
    • A Parent or Guardian is not required, but they are encouraged to attend.
  • Best Youth
    • This category is for competitors aged ten and under.
    • A Parent or Guardian must be with contestants in this category at all times.

Cosplay Competition Rules


  • Participants must register for the skit competition well before showtime the day of the Skits.
  • Participants must be present and ready in the skit room at showtime for skit screenings.
  • All Costumes are judged before the event. If a competitor is more then ten minutes late to pre-judging that competitor will be disqualified.
  • Please bring a official printed reference picture for the character. Do not bring fan-art.
  • Competitors are expected to be on time and follow all Animarathon rules.
  • If something has come up and you know you will be late to the competition, please contact Animarathon Staff ahead of time so we can attempt to work around it.

Skit Content

  • Any genre may be uses as long as the content fits Animarathon rules.
  • All skits must be family friendly.
  • There will be no swearing except for "hell" and "damn" and other words deemed acceptable. You should ask Animarathon staff if you are unsure.
  • Anything more romantic then a hug or a quick kiss is not permitted in a skit.
  • If a competitor has pre-recorded dialogue or music they would like to use they must either bring a player, or a CD that can be read by a standard audio player.
  • Competitors should not bring music DVD's, or other similar formats as they will not be usable by us.
  • Each skit should be less than five minutes in length.
  • Each skit should be safe for the audience and performers and not violate Animarathon rules.


  • Each skit is screened before the competition to ensure it meets the rules.
  • If a skit fails to pass screening we will give the competitor an opportunity to change it.
  • Competitors are expected to be on time for screening.

Other Cosplay Competition Rules

  • Competitors will follow the instructions of the MCs, Judges, and other staff.
  • Failure to follow skit rules will result in disqualification.
  • All cosplay entered outside of the found item and youth categories must be either original or altered by the competitor themselves. Competitor Cosplays must meet this criteria by 60% or more.
  • To be eligible for a major award, the competitors costume must be reflective of Japanese Culture. There is an exception for the "Pop Culture" award.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask Animarathon Staff any questions.
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