Animarathon banner by Michelle Czajkowski!

Sell at Animarathon 2018

Starting with Animarathon XVI in 2018 we will no longer be awarding tables first come first serve basis.

We are switching to a merit based system instead.

The primary factor governing your acceptance will be the quality of your artwork if you are an artist, the popularity, quality, or uniqueness of your merchandise if you are a merchant.

Our Sign Up form goes live April 2nd 2017. You will not hear back from us unless we have a question about your submission until October 1st 2017 when we will confirm or deny your application.

Sign Up Coming April 2nd.


Are you an upcoming or established Artist

Do you want to share your inspired passion with the world?

Animarathon provides artist tables at a discounted price, to help share your work with the world!

Sell prints, take commissions, or just connect with fans with your very own Animarathon Artist's Alley table.


Do you have merchandise to sell?

Make money! There aren't many other opportunities to buy anime and nerdy merchandise in Northwest Ohio.

Animarathon is the first Anime Convention many of our guests will visit, and you could be their first vendor!

Build customer recognition and trust to stand out at other conventions!

Game Devs

Are you a game developer looking to build hype for your game?

Want to observe players interacting with your game and get real time feedback?

Did you know that Ohio residents are often used as a test market for many industries, because they are representative of Americans as a whole?

Give your game the edge by tabling with Animarathon!

Game Dev tables guarantee a power outlet and an Ethernet jack for reliable internet access near your table.