Animarathon banner by Michelle Czajkowski!

Sell at Artists Alley

Applications for Artists AND Vendors for Animarathon XVII will be Closed on November 23rd, 2018!

Starting this year we will no longer be awarding tables first come first serve basis.

We are switching to a merit based system instead. This system uses a special merit algorithm to determine accpetance.

Applications for vendor and artist tables are currently open! Apply using the buttons below!

If you are an artist the primary factor governing your acceptance will be the quality of your artwork.

If you are a merchant the primary factor governing your acceptance will be popularity, quantity, quality, or uniqueness of your merchandise you plan to sell.


Artist Sign Up.

Price per Table: $50

Please note that the rate for an Artist table is now the same rate as a Vendors table.

Are you an upcoming or established Artist who produces their own original work?

Do you want to share your inspired passion with the world?

Animarathon provides artist tables at a discounted price, to help share your work with the world!

Sell prints, take commissions, or just connect with fans with your very own Animarathon Artist's Alley table.


Vendor Sign Up.

Price per Table: $50

Do you have merchandise to sell?

Make money! There aren't many other opportunities to buy anime and nerdy merchandise in Northwest Ohio.

Animarathon is the first Anime Convention many of our guests will visit, and you could be among their first vendors!

Build customer recognition and trust to stand out at other conventions!

Seller FAQ

Q: What I'm selling isn't unique, should I still apply?

A: Absolutely! Factors such as guest demand and your own curation are just as important factors as uniqueness of product. Vendors selling things like Anime Disks, Video Games, and other mass produced items are important for the dealers den. Stores without a specific focus are still wanted.

Q: I'm a new artist, should I still apply?

A: Yes! Art Quality is hard to measure, but your style as an artist, tone, and medium use all matter in evalutaion. If you want to table, but aren't sure if you would qualify, please give it a shot and apply anyway!

Q: How is merit determined?

A: A merit algorithm takes into account various factors such as item popularity, quality, and what other applicants are selling. This helps give variety to customers, and helps to ensure that everyone who is accepted makes more profit then they would otherwise.