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Animarathon panelists cover a wide range of subjects from Anime to Zombies.

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Miiverse is Hell Live! + Vinesauce Q&A: Romance is (not) Optional

By GeePM

Room To Be Anounced

Rated Teen

GeePM from Vinesauce comes to bring you Miiverse is Hell Live!

What is Miiverse is Hell? Only the best of the worst from the WiiU's Miiverse communities! Featuring things such as Highschool/Fantasy Romance RPs, people roleplaying as popular YouTubers, and just some very strange and confusing things! One of Vinesauce's most popular stream series comes to you live!

After the awfulness will be a short Q&A session with GPM!

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What is a panel?

A panel is a type of event that is meant to be informative on a certain topic. Unlike lectures, Panels are often interactive, and can cover a wide variety of topics.

Past Animarathon panels have covered a multitude of topics, including introductions to specific series, informational sessions on Japanese Culture, Q&A with celebrity guests, introduction to game design, discussion of Internet culture, and more!

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