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Anime in Northwest Ohio Officers

ANO Officer Roles

Anime in Northwest Ohio officers are ultimately responsible for the continuation and success of ANO and it's annual convention Animarathon.

Though ANO membership is open to anyone, officer positions are only available to currently enrolled BGSU students.


The President is responsible for the continued existence of ANO, and for handling critical paperwork.

The President oversees the executive board and manages their activities.

As a result the President may delegate these responsibilities as needed.

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for acquiring the correct licensing for use of club Anime and Video Games.

The Vice President is responsible for contact with external companies.

The Vice President may act in the role of President in his or her absence.


The Treasurer oversees club finances and accounting.

The Treasurer works to bring special guests, security, and more to Animarathon.

The Treasurer works with the Auditor to ensure correct work.


The Secretary is responsible for record keeping and internal communication.

The Secretary works with the Marketing Director and Webmaster to improve external communication.

Marketing Director

The Marketing Director is in charge of all promotional events.

The Marketing Director has blanket responsibility for all forms of promotion.

The Marketing Director works with the Secretary and Webmaster to promote ANO in Cyberspace.


The Webmaster is responsible for the upkeep of ANO's presence on the World Wide Web.

The Webmaster works with the Marketing Director and Secretary to insure materials are kept up to date.


The Auditor works with the Treasurer to insure all financial materials are correct.

The Auditor will use club funds to make purchases as requested by the Executive Board.

The Auditor is responsible for online payment systems.


The Advisor is special, and serves an indefinite term.

Programming Researcher (Defunct)

The Programming Researcher roles have since been delegated to other positions.

The Programming Researcher scouted and acquired anime for ANO.

The Programming Researcher operated AV equipment for the ANO.

ANO Officer Corps

  • Kelvin Tyler - President
  • Matthew Collins - Vice President
  • Rebecca Fossum - Treasurer
  • Amanda Morris - Secretary
  • Rebecca Fossum - Marketing Director
  • Matthew Collins - Webmaster
  • Maco - Auditor
  • Dr. Heath A. Diehl - Advisor