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How to be a freshman otaku at Bowling Green State University

Congratulations on becoming a student at BGSU! This guide is intended for new freshmen who live on campus, but it might be useful for others as well.


As a student and otaku one of the best resources available to you is the Internet. It's how you'll do a lot of your studies, and how you'll connect with others outside of Bowling Green! Now would be a good time to get used to using your BGSU email account. Your professors will use it to contact you and it looks more professional then most generic addresses.

Optimizing your connection

In your room on campus it's important to connect to the University Network using an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi if you can. It helps avoid congestion for your neighbors, and gets you a faster and more reliable connection. When you are using Wi-Fi always use the secured network instead of the unsecured network for similar reasons.

Need help with your computer or network setup? Visit Information Technology Services to get qualified advice on your setup.


You are a BGSU student to attain an education. Unlike High School, nobody is forcing you to attend classes. However you should attend each and every class you signed up for. You should actually want to go to class anyway, so be sure to pick a major and classes that actually interest you. When selecting classes, try to select classes at a time that is more convenient for you when possible.

Some areas of studies are more connected to Anime and Japanese culture then others, there are obvious ones like Japanese and East Asian Studies, but there are less obvious ones such as classes in the Popular Culture major, or art related classes. It's up to you to pick classes that really appeal to you. Don't pick classes just to impress others or yourself.

Student Organizations

It's important to make a destination between types of club that will likely pique your interest.

Some clubs cater more to typical otaku interests, such as anime or video games, and are focused on recreation. Other clubs are more serious, and are focused on expanding horizons. If a club strikes your interest you should attend a meeting and see if it's your thing! Anime In Northwest Ohio maintains a list of student organizations related to us on our related groups webpage


Anime In Northwest Ohio holds an Anime Convention called Animarathon every spring. If you've never been to an anime convention before, Animarathon is a great way to start out. It has most of the features of a larger convention, at much smaller easier to digest scale and a significantly cheaper price.

If you still want more, there are a lot of great conventions in the nearby area. Ohayocon is in Columbus Ohio and takes place in the beginning of the calendar year. Colossalcon takes place during the summer in Sandusky Ohio near the shores of Lake Erie. Back in Columbus Matsuricon kicks off near the end of summer. Finally, again near Sandusky at BGSU Firelands, Animarathon's Sister Convention TakoCon occurs in September.