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Animarathon FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Animarathon. We hope you find them useful!

At Animarathon

How do I get around?

Animarathon is located on the BGSU campus, which is easily traversable.

The campus itself is very walkable, and has ample bicycle parking.

BGSU also has a campus bus service that can help you get around and even has a real time map of Bus Locations.

On saturdays and sundays, when Animarathon is held, many parking lots on campus become free to park in. Consult a parking kiosk or parking services for more information on parking rates for any given day and lot.

Dedicated Handicap accessible parking spaces are avalible directly outside the Student Union where Animarathon is held.

Where can I eat?

There is a food court on the first floor of the Union where Animarathon is held which includes Subs, Steaks, Chicken, Pizza, Asian Cuisines, and other food options.

Late night on campus dining options include pizza in the union.

A short jaunt away in the Kreischer quadrangle restaurants offer burgers, Mexican, Italian, and breakfast food for dinner.

Many off-campus locations also remain open late into the night.

If you're looking for a drink or something fancier to eat, check out the Black Swamp Pub on the first Floor of the Union where Animarathon is held.

Next door to Animarathon is The Oaks, an all you care to eat dining hall. The Oaks has a variety of options with a rotating menu, and has marked vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options.

There are a variety of dining options off of campus as well.

For a full listing, please consult the Bowling Green Visitor's Website

Where can I get a cup of Coffee?

There is a Starbucks on the first floor of the Student Union where Animarathon is held. If that isn't your style there is a Dunkin' Doughnuts next to the building where Animarathon is held.

Want a local cup of coffee? There are several great independent coffee shops a short jaunt away in downtown Bowling Green!

Does Animarathon have Wi-Fi?

Yes! Just connect to the BGSU Guest Wi-Fi network and you'll be set up in a jiffy!

Please note that connecting to the BGSU wireless network requires a cell phone for authentication.

When should I wear my badge?

While at Animarathon you are encouraged to wear your badge at all times, so it is not lost on accident.

However, you might want to remove your badge for several good reasons, such as for photoshoots. In such a case, please take care not to loose your badge.

The areas where you need a badge are official Animarathon events are Panels, Special Event Rooms, The Kawaii Kafe, and the Artists Alley. Wearing your badge in hallways, the food court, and anywhere outside of the Student Union, is not required.

Where can I sleep for the night?

Bowling Green has many hotels just off of campus.

For more information, please read the list of recommended hotels published by the Bowling Green Visitors Bureau.

Why can't Animarathon use the 4th Floor?

The 4th Floor of the Student Union is a designated quiet study area.

As a dedicated Academic area it is not a space Anime In Northwest Ohio can rent from the Union.

Can I fly my drone at Animarathon?

Provided you do not fly near or above people and comply with all FAA regulations, including clearing your flight with the Wood County Regional Airport, you are welcome to fly your UAS or drone at Animarathon.

Please note that the airport is very close to Animarathon, so this is needed for safety reasons.

On the way to Animarathon

Where is Animarathon?

Animarathon is located on the BGSU campus, which is located in Bowling Green Ohio.

Animarathon is a short 30 minute drive south on I-75 from Toledo Ohio.

Other cities within a 4 hour driving range of Animarathon include the following

  • Ann Arbor Michigan ~
  • Detroit Michigan ~
  • Windsor Canada ~
  • Fort Wayne Indiana ~
  • Columbus Ohio ~
  • Akron Ohio ~
  • Dayton Ohio ~
  • Cleveland Ohio ~
  • South Bend Indiana ~
  • Cincinnati Ohio ~
  • Indianapolis Indiana ~
  • London Ontario ~
  • Pittsburgh Pennsylvania ~
  • Lexington Kentucky ~
  • Chicago Illinois ~

What should I bring to Animarathon?

Great Question! We recommend bringing the following items with you.

  • Your ID if you have one.
    • A valid BGSU ID can get you a discounted admissions price.
    • A valid photo ID is required to attend 18+ rated events.
    • A valid photo ID is required to pay with a card.
  • A cosplay if you have one
  • Chargers for all your electronic devices.
  • Your favorite deodorant.
  • Money for Admissions, Merchandise, Raffle Tickets, and Food.
    • You can pay for your Admission, University Dining Outlets, and some Merchants with a card.
    • Some vendors and the Kawaii Cafe may only take cash.

Where do I park my car?

During the weekend when Animarathon is held many normally reserved parking spaces become open for public use for free without a permit.

If you have any specific questions, please ask BGSU Parking Services.

When do I get my Pre-Reg Packet?

You pick up your pre registration packet when you arrive at Animarathon. Look for the special Pre-Reg table on the first floor of the Bowen Thompson Student Union.

Before Animarathon

What is Pre-Registration?

Pre-registration gets you a guaranteed badge for Animarathon. In addition to a guaranteed badge, guests who pre-register receive bonus items as well.

  • A guaranteed program and schedule
  • Early entrance to the artists-alley
  • And more to be announced!

Pre-registration packets are picked up when you sign in to Animarathon.

Pre-registration costs more then general registration as it helps Animarathon bring in special guests, and helps pay for bonus items.

Does Animarathon Accommodate the Disabled?

Animarathon is proud to accommodate guests with disabilities! The Bowen Thompson Student Union where Animarathon is held is wheelchair accessible, and has handicapped parking spaces nearby. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Is Animarathon Green?

Animarathon is hosted in the Bowen Thompson Student Union which has green features, including water bottle refill stations, single stream recycling, and being a smart building. For more information please consult it's building dashboard.

When is the panel submission deadline?

The panel submission deadline has passed. Please consider paneling in 2018!

Do members of the press have to pay for Animarathon Badges?

No. Members of the press who prove their credentials may receive a free press pass. Please note that in order to secure a free press pass, you must contact Animarathon officers at least three days before Animarathon.

Why does Animarathon cost money?

While BGSU does generously help us with many functions, the University can not be expected pay for everything. BGSU is an academic institution first, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Renting out the Student Union rooms, printing badges and brochures, purchasing food and drink, inviting special guests, and hiring security all costs a considerable money. When it's all said and done the costs to hold Animarathon are in the ballpark of about $30,000 each year. That might seem like a large number, but it would be way larger if it weren't for the generous help of the Bowling Green community.

In past years we were able to cover our costs with raffle tickets and bake sales, however as Animarathon grew, some years were were unable to recoup our costs using this method. In order to guarantee our ability to keep hosting Animarathons we had to start charging a modest admission fee.

Keeping Animarathon accessible to everyone is important to us, so we do our best to keep the admission prices at about the price of a meal. Please keep in mind that other conventions, may often charge more then $30 for general admission. To make Animarathon truly accesible to all, we also give anyone who volunteers for two hours or more to get free admission!