Animarathon banner by Michelle Czajkowski!

Animarathon Events

The full Animarathon XV event listing has not yet been published. We hope our basic listing can tide you over!

Gaming Society Video Games

BGSU's very own Gaming Society will be helping provide a game room! Enjoy the best of cutting edge modern gaming!

Erie Retrocade Room

Yern for the old days of retro gaming? Erie Retrocade from Erie Pensylvania is an interactive gaming museum, and will be visiting Animarathon XV! Experience a multitude of classic games and systems!

Gaming Society Board Tabletop Gaming Room

BGSU's very own Gaming Society will be helping provide a tabletop gaming room! Enjoy the best of tabletop gaming!

Game and Anime Music Ensemble

BGSU's all-star music ensemble G.A.M.E. makes a comeback to deliver only the highest quality video game and anime music covers!

Kawaii Kafé

Kawaii Kafé provides a relaxed and themed atmosphere to kick back and take a break from the con. Enjoy cakes, sandwiches, and more from our lovely servers!


The Animarathon Raffle provides a variety of themed prizes. Past Animarathons have provided a variety of prizes including Animes, Mangas, Games, Game consoles, and more!

Artist's Alley

Have a Ball in our Ballroom of Artists and Merchants, selling awesome and hard to get Anime merchandise and custom artwork!

Manga Library

Never had an opportunity to enjoy Manga before? Are you a Manga Aficionado looking for a rare Manga volume? The Manga Library has what you're looking for! Take a break by reading some Manga in our well stocked library!

Animarathon Rave

Get ready for a funky rave! Dance the night away as the convention draws to a close.