Animarathon banner by Michelle Czajkowski!

Animarathon Credits

To all of you who made Animarathon possible. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To all the guests, artists, vendors, panelists, security, and university community who make Animarathon happen. Thank you.

To our volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time to Animarathon. Thank You.

To our special guests who spend their time at Animarathon. Thank You.

To the first members of ANO who started this. Thank You.

To the past officers who kept this all going. Thank You.

To the Office of Campus Activities, who helps us so much. Thank You.

To GitLab, who provides version control and hosting for our website. Thank You.

To The League of Movable Type who made the typefaces our website uses. Thank You.

To Dave Gamache, who created the Skeleton Framework our website is based on. Thank You.

To Michelle Czajkowski who did a wonderful job drawing our banner and 2015 badges. Thank You.

To the Bowen Thompson Student Union Staff, who help make our weekly meetings possible. Thank You.

To you for reading. Thank You.

Thank you all!

Two Sisters, side by side, lost on the internet, yet smiling none the less.